Nothing important happens in life without a cost. Sometimes the most important things that we do are things we cannot measure. What is the cost of not daring? What is the cost of not trying? Your job is not to be perfect, your job is only to be human. Each of us can work to change a small portion of events. And it’s in the total of all those acts that the history of this generation will be written– Jacquline Novogratz, Founder of Acumen Fund


Since 2001, Sarah has served and gained the respect of many for-profit and non-profit companies through strategic planning, event creation and fund development. By designing fundraising campaign’s that are innovative and events that empower our youth and community to participate,

Sarah can masterfully orchestrate and champion any expectation so that the hallmark of success is always achieved. Sarah’s most recent philanthropreneur vehicle RUN FOR A CAUSE allows her to not only combine health and wellness, but youth and women’s empowerment as well.

Check out her last 10 years 4 pillars of focus:



Lundin forAfricaFoundation – Communications Advisory Role

CampMoombaYoga-thon & Blissfest  – Teacher and Fund Development

Operation Elf (DTES Seasonal Project) – Director & Fund Development

Womyn on Weights (DTES/ YWCA Project) – Trainer

World Ethical Consortium & Jness Foundation (in partnership with His Holiness, the Dali Lama) – Jness Vancouver Committee

Mining for Miracles Committee

bioLytical Laboratories, Get Pricked and Test Your Commitment Campaign Advocate

Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion – Fitness World Campaign

BC Cancer Foundation, The Devils for Kelli Glass Soccer Team

Lance Armstrong Foundation

Canuck PlaceEmbrace Art Auction Event Vancouver – Event Director & Artist

Van4Acumen Dignity Photo Auction

Climb for Change and Power To Be Events

TEDxKids@BC  – Media Coordinator

Canadian Mental Health Association (North Shore Branch) – Volutneer/Advocate

Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) – Advocate

Pain BC – Board Member, Fundraising Chair



Care Canada (VancouverVolunteer Action Network) – Fundraiser

Half the Sky Documentary for IWD 2010 – CARE Canada Host & Speaker

Walk In Her Shoes 100kmVancouverEvent 2011 – Event Director, Athlete

Bridge of Hope/PLAN Canada– Educator and Fund Development –Sudan, Africa

Earth.org – VancouverAmbassador

Aga Khan Foundation, World Partnership Walk – Artist and Bollywood Performer

All the RIGHT REASONS GALA (LFA and imagne1day) – Event Director

KIVA.org – Lender

Free the Children – Supporter and Advocacy

Run to End Poverty Scotiabank Half Marathon, 5km and in reverse

SWASH – CARE Canada Water and Sanitation Project

-Thats just a few…yeeehawww! Let the Investment Begin!

1 Response to 2001-2014

  1. Allie says:

    WOW! I’m so impressed with your level of commitment and passion- you’re an incredible superhumanitarian, Sarah !!!

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