After four days of the flu and not being able to run this has left me with not only the itch to lace up my running shoes and dominate the pavement, but a deficient to my committed 6km every day for the 365 days to help raise awareness for women and girls who must walk an average of 6km per day, every day for basic life necessities.

Today I went out for my first 8km since feeling like I had fallen into a sniffly, whining abyss of mucus and all things unattractive! And what do I pass…a lemonade stand! It got me thinking…

So what do we do when life’s unpredictability throws lemons or a monkey wrench into your life’s work?

 Life throws Lemons – MAKE LEMONADE

Life throws a monkey wrench – DOMESTICATE THE MONEKY

Here are 3 tips towards getting back on track, honoring your commitments, and learning from life unpredictability’s:


Think globally and educate yourself on how fortunate we are. For us, living in the first world and contracting a small virus or common cold (acute nasopharyngitis) is not a big deal; we take a few days rest, we stay hydrated, we up our multi vitamins, we feast on juice, and we eat well ecetera.

However, for a large part of the developing world a common cold or preventable virus can mean life or death. This proves my point more strongly, when I say I RUN FOR CAUSES and I adjust my life to advocate for issues that strongly require us to stand up and take notice, to act, rather then watch from the sidelines.

 THE FACTS: 6 diseases account for 90% of Infectious Disease Deaths, Here are 3:

 1. Diarrhea: Water Borne Illness like diarrhea account for 24,000 deaths of children under the age of 5. Every 20 seconds a child dies of water borne illnesses, and 90% of the 3.575 million deaths per year are children.  (source:

2. TB:  much like the common cold is spread by the air we breathe. Nearly 2 billion people – 1 third of the worlds population have latent TB infection.  Once thought to be under control claims 1.5 million deaths per year.  (source: WHO)

3. Pneumonia: Acute respiratory infections (ARIs) are responsible for many deaths. Pneumonia, the deadliest ARI, kills more children than any other infectious disease. Most of these deaths (99%) occur in developing countries. (Source: WHO)

***Tip of the day: over 1 billion people lack access to clean water, food and health care. Imagine a world where you did not have the choice to hydrate, eat clean food, grab a multivitamin or even own a pair of running shoes***


Sometimes a deficit can be a good thing! Your lemonade is tacking on some extra mileage onto your next (full immune system functioning) training program. My running loss for 4 days equals 24km of additional running to my regime. Considering I have 2 more weeks before the Run to End Poverty Run for Engineers Without Borders at the Scotiabank event, adding a couple km’s to my daily runs shouldn’t be that big of a problem. There is always a silver lining amongst life’s lemons.

3.      DOUBLE UP

Run twice a day to gain your fitness back and gain that competitive egde. Studies show that runner who run higher mileage have better economy and cardiovascular fitness then athletes who run less. Runners World Magazine has a great article in their current issue on doubling up, and they say if you can run 40mins in one go, you can double up.


  • Divide your normal run by two. This gives you the distance of your first run.  Your second run will be three-quarters of the distance of your normal run. (for example: 8 miles normal distance in one go, would be (8x.5 = 4 miles in the AM and 8x.75 = 6 miles in the PM) Thus – you have just added on 2 miles to your day, but used less energy and allowed enough rest in between to recovery and optimal performance output.
  • Doubling up should not be done all the time, and isn’t necessary for your long or semi-long runs; however in a case where you took some time off, or want an extra push Double trouble – is no trouble at all.
  • 24km of my deficit will be spread out for the next couple weeks and tacked on to my runs; which means at least 8 of my runs over a 2 week span must include an additional 3km! Two weeks of Double Ups should get me back on track!

Now get your shoes on, lace em up, domesticate that monkey and hit the pavement!


I am what you would call a freelance do’gooder of all things bucketlist and philanthropically inclined. (a) Movement & Performance Coach (a) Social Crusader (a) Wannabe Superhero (a) Athlete (a) Advocate for Play (a) Compassion Junkie (a) Womens and Youth Activist (a) runner'of a' muck (a) Chief Fascia Facilitator (Yoga Teacher and MyoFascia Enthusiast) So, here it is, my BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) TO RAISE $1 MILLION DOLLARS before the age of 35! This is no small 'feet' to take on... A 10 year passion project; by which I harness the power behind the sports philanthropy movement by using my own middle of the pack talent - RUNNING! I am the founder of RUN4ACAUSE, and my goal is simple ~ to combine advocacy with sport and the foundation is to bring awareness to the power behind education, the power of our youth and women's economic empowerment worldwide! This blog is an ongoing Story Telling Series of my RUN4ACAUSE, where I aim to showcase the direct impact WE can make by empowering our youth to transform their world; by mobilizing them to engage in cultural exchange, gain a global perspective, and create and lead social change through the art of sport, and by the power of one voice. Imagine the possibilities! I hope this blog leaves you empowered, inspired and MOVED - so why don't you join me and RUN4ACAUSE!
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