This weekend marked the final BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of RUN4ACAUSE 2011! On Sunday, October 9th I ran the Victoria Marathon, plus a few more km thrown in for good measure, for a whopping 45km race supporting one of my favorite non profits, and local hero’s Power To Be Adventure Therapy.  Power To Be is a pioneer in the arena of sport philanthropy and inclusive support, through their wilderness and adaptive recreation programs for mentally, physically and disadvantaged youth.

I found myself overwhelmed and much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving weekend. Truth be told, I was apprehensive of the outcome, having suffered a series of injuries leading up to the event day and I wondered if I could even finish the mileage set forth before me. And then I remembered,  “A warrior is not about perfection or victory or invulnerability. He’s about absolute vulnerability” Peaceful Warrior it’s the journey that brings us happiness, not the destination.

When we take the time to focus our attention on the journey, we see that every step we take is success, every km marker is a tribute to the trials and tribulations we have taken along the way; including all the pit stops, all the detours and all the road blocks are ultimately the success we have been searching for. Life’s purpose is a journey, a path – not a “destination” per say . This is a great metaphor for life.

RUN4ACAUSE has raced out from the shadows and into the light, with the sole purpose of liberating others to let their own light shine. It has been less than a year since I started telling my story and my goal of raising $1 million dollars.

Since January 2011, I have logged well-over 2,462km; which has included 3 marathons, numerous half marathons, a 100km, adventure race and a 6km per day dedication for 365 days (currently on day 217), empowering 100’s of students and youth to hop on board, raising well over $20,000 in 2011, and more importantly bringing awareness and support to organizations, like Power To Be Adventure Therapy. This is why I run, not to beat down me current time, but to build up the idea that anyone – everyone- has the power to generate goodness in the world.

 ” What is the origin of the terrible fears that so hinder us in the making of our hearts desire: a better world? Every human being, however small or weak, has something to bring to humanity. In our beautiful universe, there are suns and stars, as well as the multitude of small animals and plants that are important because of their beauty, their healing qualities, and their capacity to give life. Every part of the body is important and has a role to play in our overall well-being.

In the same way, each person, big or small has a role to play in the world. When we being the movement from exclusion to inclusion, from fear to trust, from closed ness to openness, we begin to move with the heart. We begin to see each other as part of a greater humanity. We are no longer governed by fear but by the heart.”

~ Jean Vanier, author of Becoming Human, CBC Massey Lecture Series


This weekend was a testament to this idea. On Sunday, Kevin Chapman, Director of Communications for Power To Be  and my host for the weekend took it upon himself to challenge his own human potential and embark on running his first half marathon.

Not so much a runner for sport (his words), but merely for recreation and runner-of-a-muck for all things adventurous, Kevin had a great foundation going into the half. So good, he finished in an amazing time of 1hr 50sec. Let me be the first to say that (a) that is a huge accomplishment right our of the gates and (b) it’s official Kevin Chapman beat my half marathon time, as my PR is only 1hr 58sec.  Applause goes out to Kevin for a well earned success! Power To Be would be proud and so are we!

It’s not too late to donate and support – Check out for more information on their various levels of giving.


So what’s next for RUN4ACAUSE?

2012 holds many opportunities, and even though my legs will
be “off season recovery” mode (for the most part), there is much brewing and a 2012 vision board has already begun to take shape.

A sneak peek can include guaranteed a marathon off the continent in a country I will most likely have to learn the language of, a 101km relay event for International Women’s Day, and a high chance of unorthodox, over the top marathons, a couple ultras and may even indulge in scaling a couple mountains somewhere in the ball park between questionable and crazy. Why?…. ask yourself this… Why not?

Stay tuned and don’t forget to check out my Races 2012 tab – wanna RUN4ACAUSE?


I am what you would call a freelance do’gooder of all things bucketlist and philanthropically inclined. (a) Movement & Performance Coach (a) Social Crusader (a) Wannabe Superhero (a) Athlete (a) Advocate for Play (a) Compassion Junkie (a) Womens and Youth Activist (a) runner'of a' muck (a) Chief Fascia Facilitator (Yoga Teacher and MyoFascia Enthusiast) So, here it is, my BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) TO RAISE $1 MILLION DOLLARS before the age of 35! This is no small 'feet' to take on... A 10 year passion project; by which I harness the power behind the sports philanthropy movement by using my own middle of the pack talent - RUNNING! I am the founder of RUN4ACAUSE, and my goal is simple ~ to combine advocacy with sport and the foundation is to bring awareness to the power behind education, the power of our youth and women's economic empowerment worldwide! This blog is an ongoing Story Telling Series of my RUN4ACAUSE, where I aim to showcase the direct impact WE can make by empowering our youth to transform their world; by mobilizing them to engage in cultural exchange, gain a global perspective, and create and lead social change through the art of sport, and by the power of one voice. Imagine the possibilities! I hope this blog leaves you empowered, inspired and MOVED - so why don't you join me and RUN4ACAUSE!
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